This is the combined version of what used to be three separate videos (centre, left, right) that formed the video installation preceding a contemporary dance show titled "Anatomization", performed at the reputed CCB in Lisbon. 

Choreography: Sylvia Rijmer
Video Installation: Hugo Alves
Music Composition : Miguel Lucas Mendes

Hugo Alves:
"This piece has the aim to depict and compare different walking patterns between humans. I wanted to place the walkers inside a void or a container-like atmosphere, as if their lives where being held in suspense in an old natural history museum. It establishes a dialogue with the show itself which is also about exploring the human body as a rig."

Sylvia Rijmer:
"Morphing was created as an additional feature to a dance work of mine entitled Anatomization, which was based on our basic movement abilities, aiming to transform the clinical into the performative. In Morphing I wished to highlight a relatively simple action, a walk, and display multiple walking solutions as a video installation in the auditorium before the actual performance, thus introducing the theme prior to the actual performance in a traditional theatre type setting."

Miguel Lucas Mendes:
"The challenge of building the soundscape for Morphing was to transform the intrinsic characteristics of a person walking, and to join it with a computational and electronic mood.
The presence of machines is more and more a constant in our everyday lives. The robotic and monotonous voiceover in Morphing simulates a human voice, as if the machines are the ones who now tell us who and how we are."