My journey started in 1999 when I decided to study Film. I was fortunate enough to have learned the craft by shooting and editing with film.
Flash forward to one of Lisbon’s most beautiful movie theatres, at the premiere of “What’s New About Love?”, a feature film I’d written and directed alongside 5 other young directors. I heard people clapping and cheering and I remember thinking now there’s no going back!
The film made it to several international film festivals including Raindance and got us the TAP Award for Best Portuguese Feature Film at the IndieLisboa International Film Festival.

This then took me to Montreal where I worked as a mentor for CUTV. While in Canada I wrote and directed “Spiders”. Finally, I moved to London and the proximity to Lisbon resulted in an invite from celebrated hip hop artist Chullage to become the visual counterpart of AKapella47

Last year I was part of Raindance’s mentorship programme and had the chance to have the incredible duo Justin Shevlin and Col Spector as mentors. I’ve since directed the short film “Hurry Up And Wait!”, shot on 16mm, which screened at the BFI last December and written new projects.